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Syntax: SEENSEARCH <network> <nick> <ident> <host>

Bot owner only (due to potential for evil regexps which could hang the bot).

Searches for when the bot last saw any user(s) matching the parameters passed which should each be Perl regexps. You may also specify any parameter as a * to match anything, usage of a literal "*" should be faster than any regexp meaning the same thing. If network is * then all results will be returned from all networks, if network is _ (underscore) then only results from the current network will be used. There should be fairly significant speed increases if you specify any of the parameters as a static word like ^Foo$, and another increase if you use "*" rather then a regexp doing the same.

Example output:

(@Cap`n-Om) !seensearch _ ^*Brain$ * *
-OmBot/#botnix- Cap`n-Om: LaptopBrain ([email protected]) was last seen saying "she'll be back in ab..." on #botnix on ChatSpike on Fri Sep 23 20:20:19 2005, that was 15h 10m 51s ago

At the moment there is no protection against bad regexps, so if you give an invalid one perl will complain and the bot will die. Have fun! :p

Implemented by: modules/irc/