Telnet Module

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The Telnet Module allows you to log into the bot via Telnet. To be able to Telnet the bot, you must be recognised by the bot as a user, and provide your username and password to the bot when prompted.

This module supports telnet connections over ipv4 and ipv6 sockets.


This module implements the following configuration directive:

telnet "" "ipv4"

The first parameter contains the hostname and port number to use for telnet connections. If you wish to bind the port on all available interfaces, use a single asterisk (a * character) in place of the hostname, and to let the operating system pick a port number for you, use a single asterisk in place of the port number. You must specify ipv4, 4 or v4 in the second parameter if you wish to bind the telnet daemon to an IPV4 socket, or ipv6, 6, or v6 in the second parameter if you wish to bind it to an IPV6 socket.


This module implements no commands, however it provides access to any and all Commands via a Telnet connection. You must prefix all commands with a "." character.